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Wood Truss Information

Since 1966, architects and builders have specified more than 30 million different roof and floor wood truss design projects engineered by Alpine and its divisions. Alpine wood trusses are used in one of every five homes being built in the U.S.today.

That's because architects and builders know they can rely on cost-efficient, high-quality engineered wood truss products for single and multi-family homes, and commercial, industrial, and agricultural structures.

We support truss manufacturers with the industry's largest and most experienced wood truss engineering team, comprised of more than 135 engineers, designers and computer technicians (including 35 Professional Engineers). Our registered professional engineers seal designs in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada.

Our CAD-based, proprietary wooden truss design software is used by Alpine Truss Manufacturers. In addition to traditional plan view layouts, the computer programs also generate 3-D graphics that give an accurate picture of what a roof will look like - from virtually any perspective - by showing every truss in place.


Roof Truss Systems

Over 150 million Alpine trusses have been installed in all kinds of structures throughout the country. Properly fabricated and erected, they are trouble free performers.


Floor Truss Systems

System 42 trusses provide longer, stronger clear spans and greater design flexibility in locating bearing walls and partitions.

Wood Truss Information


A/E Suggested Specs for Wood Trusses

Suggested Architectural Specifications Section 06192 - Fabricated Wood Trusses

Builder's Guide to Trusses

Builder's Guide to Trusses - PDF format.
Note: This document is rather large (3.6MB). It may take a few minutes to download with slower connections.

Ceiling Floor Partition Separation Update

Raising awareness of this construction issue...


Consideration in Specifying a Connection for Horizontal Movement

In this short article, the intent is to review the factors relating to the horizontal movement of a structural element, and to review considerations in the design of the overall building for this movement.


Consideration in the Selection and Specification of a Commercially Produced Hanger for Truss to Truss Connections

TPI now makes the designer of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses also responsible for all truss to truss connections. A professional engineer or architect is referred to as the "truss designer" in the Standard. This short article reviews some of the considerations necessary to properly specify hangers for truss to truss connections.


Designing for Wind

By Bruce Feldmann, P.E. - Earth City Chief Engineer

Designing to Reduce Floor Vibrations in Wood Floors

The requirements of truss design codes provide a safe structure, but may result in an unacceptable vibration performance...


Detail Engineered Drawings Plate Details

Detail Engineered Drawings Plate Details


Detail Engineered Drawings Truss Connections

Detail Engineered Drawings Truss Connections

Encyclopedia of Trusses

Everything you ever needed to know about truss design and construction! In PDF format. File size is 4.76MB. Preferred download is with a high-speed connection.


Glossary of Truss Terms

Everything you need to know about Truss Terminology...

How to Read a Truss Drawing

Each section of the Alpine Engineered truss drawing explained in detail.

Lessons of Hurricane Andrew

Charlie Hoover, P.E. explains the hurricane and the effects of wind.

Movement in Wood Structures

Wood structures are constantly "on the move"...

Span Tables for Floor Truss

in PDF format...

Span Tables for Roof Truss

in PDF format...


Special Loads On Trusses: Folding Partitions

Beware! Do not ignore the loads from folding partitions...

The Pros and Cons of Camber

The pros and cons of camber are discussed...

To Bear or Not To Bear

The pros and cons of using partition walls as bearings...


Why Specify Our Wood Truss Component Systems?

Alpine trusses are used in one of every four homes being built in the U.S. today. Find out why.

Wood Truss Inspection

Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Inspection Explained...



The NEW HA2.5 Hurricane Clip

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